Becoming a member of DanceSport Canterbury gives you the following benefits:

* We offer free entry for members competing in our four local competitions, and discounted entry for other members.

* We provide sponsorship and funds for many expenses, such as cost associated with attending major competitions, coaching and workshop fees by world professionals.

* We offer substantial scholarships for best and for most improved member couple over our four competitions. ( North Canterbury, Metropolitan, Albert Aiken Championships and Canterbury Regional Dancesport Championships.)

* We have organised major competitions providing important dancesport opportunities in the Canterbury region. We organised the 2004 IDSF Asian Pacific Dancesport Championships.

* We are a member of the Dancesport New Zealand (DNZ) also known as the New Zealand DanceSport Association (NZDA). Membership of Dancesport Canterbury automatically entitles you to 'ordinary' membership of DNZ. We are also members of the World DanceSport Federation (WDSF), and the International Dance Organisation (IDO).